jo març15As the torrent of the river, vitality, optimism, creativity and passion in everything I do, push me strike to search concepts, lines and colors. The synthesis of the message to express, is my north.

Graduated in illustration, and secondary training in marketing and communication later, I feel comfortable in several styles, which make it possible adapt them to each project depending on needs. The illustration and images in general, fulfill many specific challenges in communication, being a vital part of the transmission between information to be communicated and the receiver of the message.

Thanks to perseverance and desire to express myself in this way, I’m lucky to work professionally as an illustrator, teach and advise in communication area, both for a projects of private or public institutions in collaboration with other professionals from other disciplines, making possible a integrated offer of communication services.

Also, the design of a strategy for a brand, starts when we know in depth our target, around the product or service. The analysis let us detect potential values ​​and brakes, both conceptual as visuals, and find, at the same time, opportunities to differentiate, mark and achieve key objectives. Both disciplines converge and complement each other.

The best of this kind of projects, is the way that we apply solutions to customer needs, creating symbiotic relationships in which triangle, -brand, communication and consumer-, consolidating a relationship of trust and mutual benefit.